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HAPI is building the world’s best oral care brand by providing the best trusted products and is committed to developing innovative technology for our products to help educate you on how to protect your teeth and allow you to stay smiling, be HAPI.

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The HAPI brush was created by three dentists with a goal to provide the best of hygiene in a convenient and affordable fashion.
With over 60 years of collective dental experience, we are confident that we have designed a device which is clinically approved for a market leading, enhanced brushing experience.

So let HAPI take care of this for you! After all HAPI stands for... Health and Personal Investment.
We’ve spent 8 years on research & development to perfect our product. This enabled us to understand what is already available on the market and like any good dentist, identifying which gaps need filling.
We are supremely confident that we have created a device and service which is far superior to what already exists.


Our founder recognised a clear confusion consumers have. They want to have healthy teeth and look after their smile but they do not know what they need or how to maintain their smiles.
A quarter of all adults in the UK do not brush for two minutes morning and night each day, and over two thirds of the population are not changing their toothbrush every three months as recommended by the guidelines set out by British Dental Association.


The market is filled with copious dental products which confuses consumers. HAPI offers the best quality toothbrush with simple effective technology at a fair price for consumers – so that a ‘million dollar’ smile doesn’t come at a million dollar price tag.
We cut out the middleman and sell direct to consumers, allowing us to provide the best possible price for the best possible product.
HAPI knows this is more than dentistry, it’s about being healthy and having confidence in your smile and ultimately in yourself. Our products are designed with two core principles 1) Do they help increase health 2) Will its effects help give people more confidence in their smile.